Bingo – The Winning Patterns

Bingo is a classic gambling game played in private facilities, villages and town squares. Now it is being played by many at online casinos. Young and old people enjoys betting on online Bingo. If you want to know on how to play it, we have everything you need to know to play in online casinos, in a hall or with your friends.

How to Play Bingo in Online Casino – Before the Game Begins

Bingo game has simple mechanics on how to play. Numbers are drawn randomly and appear on the screen when you’re playing online until they got a line or patterns. The patterns can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or another shape or pattern. The most popular bingo patterns are described further down the page or screen.

When you play bingo online, the cards will be randomly chosen for you by the casino software just like in Okada. However if you are unhappy with the first given cards, you have a chance to get new cards with different numbers. You can also customize your cards, all you have to do is input your winning numbers on the blank cards.

Cards are generally cost the same amount and players can buy multiple cards which have numbers 1-75 between them. The cards show a 5×5 grid with “BINGO” printed across the top. Grids had numbers ranging from 1 to 75 marked out of order. Numbers between 1-15 is under column B, 16-30 is under I, 31-45 is under N, 46-60 is under G and 61-75 is under O. There’s a space that marked free at the middle of the card. Casino software will detect your win automatically, when the player crossed off the numbers in the patterns.

Bingo Patterns

Singe line

The most popular bingo pattern in all variations would be winning with a line – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. In 75-ball, this would be five numbers across, down or diagonally.

Double lines

The two-line pattern is usually part of every game. It is easy as the single line pattern, all you have to do is form two lines in the same bingo card. The first line will determine where the second line needs to be form but it depends on what type of bingo game you’re playing.


This pattern, as the name mentioned, it is the shape of a capital T with numbers marked down the middle row and also along the top row or at the bottom, the opposite row of the top. In other platform, every side is considered not just the top and te bottom.

Four corners

It is one of the easiest patterns since it only requires four numbers. It has to be in each corner of the card.

Diagonal Line

The numbers appearing diagonally on a card will make a winning pattern. Players can win by striking off the numbers appearing diagonally on the bingo cards.


You need every single square on your card to achieve a blackout. This is most common pattern for a nice prize, but it’s a lot harder to achieve. This kind of pattern is common because you’ll also hit the jackpot.

Those mentioned patterns are also used in Okebet and Okada casino. There are many more patterns that you can encounter when you play bingo online, casinos are getting more creative so you will never get bored.

Winning Strategies

For some players, winning at online bingo can be a bit tricky but some strategies will enhance your results. Below are some of them.

Don’t play during rush hours

Avoid playing at rush hours it will give you more winning odds. Your winning chance improves when few players are on board. Online bingo is most enjoyable to participate in between midnight and early hours of the morning, the same time as in Okada Manila. These are odd hours for easy wins.

Purchase more bingo cards

This is a common bingo tactic and this is purchasing a lot of bingo cards. The more cards you own, the greater your probability of winning. If a call-out is not on one bingo card, odds are it will be on another. Besides, you likewise have a greater opportunity to complete a pattern on any of the several bingo cards you buy.


Online bingo games are fun to play. Click on the best bingo online casinos in our top list if you want to start playing. Just sign up, pay for as many cards as you want within the casino limit. You can still improve your chance of winning by using the provided tactics and ideas.