Cricket – Everything you need to know

They play on a field where there’s an area called the pitch which has three stumps each holding one or two bails at both ends. This sport involves hitting and catching a ball using bat for defensive purposes as well offense strategies against opponent team members involved in cricket match battles towards scoring higher run count than other side through Cricket is a well-known game that has been around for a long time. Two teams of eleven players each play this game.

One team, which is hitting the ball, wants to get runs. The other team that isn’t hitting but catching instead tries not let them score these points called runs. Runs are scored by hitting the ball thrown from a player in the fielding team.


General rules and regulations

  • One team starts with batting while the other one uses fielding strategies.
  • An over is when a bowler throws six legal pitches (using an arm motion called ‘overarm’) from one side of the field. The batters try to hit the ball from where they start at their end.
  • Teams in sports must pick one person to be the wicket keeper. Cricket rules say he is the only one who can wear pads and gloves as a fielder.
  • The catcher will be waiting behind the sticks on the other side from where bowler throws, ready when ball comes.
  • If the ball hits a batsman’s sticks after bowling, or if someone who is fielding catches it – not good for the person hitting. They lose in that game called cricket!
  • Teams change places when the team that’s batting runs out of wickets or time is up.
  • Test cricket rules are played over five days, so the scores keep adding up. This means that each team has two turns or opportunities to bat at the wickets.
  • One Day cricket is played using 50 overs. Every team finishes hitting or throwing before they change sides at the end of 50 times over.

Cricket Scoring

The usual way to get points is by hitting the ball with a bat and running from one side of the field, or ‘line’ as it’s called in cricket score, all the way to another. Every time the player finishes a run, one point is given to their team’s total. This is also one of the tightest scoring in Okada Casino.

  • Four runs: If the ball is hit to the edge rope, four points are given to the team hitting.
  • Six runs: If the ball is hit past the rope fence, six runs are given.
  • Extras: If the bowler throws a no-ball or wide ball, one run is given to the batting team’s count. If the ball hits the batsman’s body or gear, points called “leg byes” are given to his team that is batting.

Cricket Fielding Positions

The team playing defense can place its players in different spots on the field. This are the common fielding positions :

  • Slip: Slips are placed behind the player who catches the ball. Theyuse this spot to grab it if a batsman accidentally hits it off course. ·
  • Mid-off and Mid-on: Standing on both sides of the person throwing the ball, these players catch it when hit directly downwards. ·
  • Long-on and Long-off: These players stand at the edge and catch a ball thrown above the person bowling. ·Square leg and Fine leg: Standing behind the batter on either side, these players catch balls hit towards their leg area.

Types of Cricket

In the world, there are different types of cricket games played. The most popular formats are :

  • Test Cricket: Test cricket is the longest and oldest way to play. It lasts five days with four turns at batting. It is seen as the top trial of ability and strength. ·
  • One-Day Cricket: In cricket games that last one day, each team is allowed to play 50 overs while batting and bowling. It’s a quicker game than test cricket and people like it for its exciting endings. ·
  • T20 Cricket: T20 cricket is the quickest way to play. Each team has 20 times of throwing and hitting a ball called an over. People know it for its powerful hitting, and many people around the world like it because of how quickly things happen in the game.


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