Steph Curry’s allegiance was tested by Draymond Green’s latest incident; the indefinite suspension of a longtime teammate may decide Green’s destiny at Golden State.

Steph Curry’s for 12 years and Green, four titles, and innumerable difficulties on and off the court, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson have stared down the modern sports landscape and sent it whimpering. The odd triumvirate has prospered in a world of trade demands, free-agent coups, and endless holdouts by demonstrating loyalty.

Franchise loyalty. Bay Area loyalty. Most crucial is mutual loyalty.

Green’s chokehold on Rudy Gobert, which landed him a five-game suspension in mid-November, may have been based on loyalty. The experience left Green saying, “I don’t live my life with regrets.” “I’ll come to a teammate’s defense any time that I’m in a position to come to a teammate’s defense.” A noble justification for reprehensible conduct.

Green’s latest disappointment—a violent slap to Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic’s head that resulted in an indefinite suspension from the league—is testing his loyalty. This is risky. It’s performance. This is risky.

Steph Curry's

It’s enough.

Less than two months ago, reporters asked former Warriors general manager Bob Myers about James Harden’s trade desire. According to the 2016–17 NBA Executive of the Year, follow your star player’s advice. Almost any mentalist could read between the lines. Myers’ 12-year time with Golden State has been filled with troubles, and only one man’s viewpoint counts when making tough decisions, especially involving Green’s many disruptions.

“Steph Curry is the most important person in this building. “My hand was this [lowers to the floor],” Myers told ESPN in late October. “I ask him, ‘What do you want?'” Nothing matters if he’s unhappy. The talk ends.

Draymond Green says I always mess up. I’d call Draymond, ‘What went wrong? Why did you say that? I went through this. And then I’d call Curry and say, ‘Steph, what do you want to do?’ He says, ‘We’re better with Draymond.'”

That’s it. A clear demonstration of Steph Curry’s control over the franchise he made famous.

Why is Draymond still a warrior after 19 ejections, an NBA Finals suspension that likely cost them another title, an organization-issued suspension for insulting Durant mid-game, a punch to Jordan Poole’s face, and two more suspensions just 23 games into the 2023–24 season?

Steph Curry’s wanted him. Case closed. Story over.

Now that the Warriors are 10-13 and the odor of a disintegrating dynasty is worse than ever, Green’s antics and distractions may exceed his on-court usefulness. How would Curry respond if current Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. asked him what to do with Green, as Myers did?

Steph Curry's

With three years and $75 million left on his contract, Danny Green is hard to move. But with his revived play in recent seasons, a contender may take a look at one of the game’s top defenders and playmakers. Steph Curry’s may provide the ultimate approval.

Curry, usually polished and intelligent, appeared frustrated when questioned about Green’s latest episode on Tuesday, seeking out unfamiliar and familiar words.

“We always told him you can’t change who you are as a player and the competitive spirit and physicality that you have,” Curry adds. However, you cannot give people reasons to quit, view you a certain way, or have to judge and jury every situation. This is challenging since we need him out there, and the dismissal impacted the game’s flow and emotions.”

Curry said all the right things, as always, but his answer echoed the league’s extended punishment. Before allowing Green back on the basketball court, we must change.

That’ll be hard. We’re his supporters. We trust him to accomplish that. Of course, we need him to win.”

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