Joel Embid – scored 51-point drubbing of the NBA’s best team, the Timberwolves, makes him the early choice for MVP

Joel Embid– Forget about playing teams that are good enough to make the playoffs. All seven of those games were played against teams that are currently in the bottom ten of the league standings. They won twice against the Wizards and twice against the Pistons by a total of 50 points. The 76ers also beat the Hornets by 53 points and the Hawks by 11. And the Bulls won by four points. Since Embid and his team have a history of big score leads, everyone just rolled their eyes.

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Embid has been dominating bad teams lately, but he beat a great team on Wednesday.

Joel Embid scored seven more points per game (40!) than he had played in December (33.3 minutes per game). Over those seven games, he shot 60 percent, 39 percent, and 92 percent, and he averaged 13 boards, 4.6 assists, two blocks, and 1.3 steals per game. In those seven games, the 76ers won six and lost one. A great game like that would be the talk of the league and you surely won’t miss how good Embid was, because of the schedule.

The 76ers’ schedule so far this season has been the fourth easiest in the NBA. They’ve only beaten two teams in the top six of either conference so far—the Celtics and the Thunder—by seven points. Embid is famous for never making it past the second round of the playoffs. Everyone says “Call us when he beats someone important.” whenever Embid dominates the bottom teams in the league

Do the NBA’s best team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, suffice?

As of Wednesday, the Timberwolves had the best record (20-5) and defensive rating (106.8) in the league. He still tore them to pieces. Embid scored 51 points by making 17 of 25 shots from the floor and 17 of 18 free throws. He also grabbed 12 rebounds, gave out 3 assists, stole 2 balls, and blocked 1 shot.

Joel Embid scored 51 points, which is the most this season, said the Sixers’ coach

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He has now had three games in a row with 40 or more points and 10 or more rebounds. In the history of the 76ers, only Wilt Chamberlain has had a longer streak like this. At last, it looks like people outside of basketball are beginning to notice. On Wednesday, the odds ranked Embid third in the MVP race, with chances around +400. But since the win over the Timberwolves on Wednesday, Embid has become the favorite to win at several sportsbooks, such as Fan Duel (+250) and Points Bet (+230). Meanwhile, in a few other books, he shares the favorite spot with Nikola Jokic. These lines will keep moving as long as Embid is the best player.

It’s not like Embid to be in this situation. While he won the MVP award last season, fans and bettors thought that voters would be hesitant to pick him again after how badly he played in the playoffs. The odds showed that people weren’t sure, but after two months of basketball, it’s becoming harder and harder to argue that Embid isn’t the clear favorite for the award.

Joel Embid is more than just the NBA’s top scorer right now

He’s on track to become only the seventh player in NBA history to score 35 points in every game over the course of a whole season. As of now, only James Harden and Kobe Bryant have done it twice. Embid has done all of this while keeping his team together after Harden’s very public departure. At plus-10.8, his projected plus-minus makes him the league leader. This is the stat that most often matches up with MVP winners. In that category, he is ranked sixth for defense, and the 76ers are ranked fifth as a team. This season, Embid will be in the running for an All-Defense pick.

The season is still only about a third of the way through. In December, the MVP race is never over. Yet, it becomes more and more clear that Embid is going to lose the longer he plays like this. If there was any doubt, Joel Embid’s 76ers showed on Wednesday that they can beat good teams. As the season goes on, they’re beating almost everyone that stands in their way. If they keep this up, Embid will get some more hard work to make this possible.

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