Stephen Curry – Magical High-arcing 3-pointer Over the Celtics May Change the Warriors’ Season

Stephen Curry in San Francisco The basketball hung in midair for hours.

Like Draymond Green, suspended. The Golden State Warriors’ season was suspended and on the verge of collapse. Nearly 40 feet above the Chase Center floor.

A miss would be heartbreaking as gravity finally took the ball and dragged it toward the basket at 9.81 meters per second squared. Yet another escapee. More proof that the Golden State Warriors aren’t good enough.

Any other player would feel disheartened if they grabbed the ball with three seconds left on the shot clock and faced one of the league’s top defenders rapidly closing in, leaving only enough time for a split-second vertical launch.

Stephen Curry had Five Fouls and Scored 20 of his 33 Points in the Fourth Quarter and Overtime

However, as we’ve seen over the past decade, this guy is unique. Wardell Stephen Curry II.

“Nothing shocks me with Steph,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr afterward. “That catch-and-shoot arc shot was insane. I expected it to go in, as did our fans.”

Kerr’s prediction came true, and Curry defeated the Boston Celtics in the 2022 Finals, eliciting shrugs, shaking heads, and resignation from the Boston faithful.

Stephen Curry.


A Thrilling Overtime Triumph for the Warriors!

Insane. Magical. A moon ball. A ripple of the golden pot Is at its end. So here are a few ways to describe the Warriors ‘chess-move victory over one of Eastern Conference’s top teams, 132-126 in OT Tuesday night.

However, to attribute Curry’s heroism to metaphysics and mythology ignores his hard work. He practices the 3-pointer that kisses the rafters before falling over the net during his famed pregame warm-up. Curry performed the move early on Tuesday night for the second consecutive game before spectators entered.

After Overtime, Stephen Curry Delivered a Holiday Gift to the Crowd – What they had Missed During Warm-ups

“I was watching it in slow motion,” Kerr recalled of the dagger shot. “Going up four with 10 seconds left was the backbreaker. Steph makes people happy. Incredible guy.”

Curry has taken shots like this before, but the circumstances were dire. Curry’s fifth foul halfway through the third quarter sent him to the bench, and the Warriors trailed by 13 points. Only Celtics fans had optimism.

After the deficit reached 17 points, The Golden State Warriors, without their leader, chipped away until they trailed 11 heading into the fourth quarter. Curry returned and played the remaining 17 minutes without a foul, establishing one of his defining moments. He scored 33 points on 6-for-11 3-point shooting, 20 in the fourth quarter and overtime.

When he was called for his fifth foul in the third quarter, Curry said afterward that it couldn’t be helped; all you can do is keep your head in the game so that although you aren’t out there on center stage anymore, at least your mind doesn’t float away either. And just wait until I get back and have my moment in the fourth.

Recent Games Have Seen Golden State Lose Leads

This time they reversed the script and won, hoping to turn around a disastrous 2023–24 season. The Warriors defeated one of the NBA’s greatest teams and got another great performance from Klay Thompson, who scored 24 points on 6-for-15 3-point shooting. In a season-high 29 minutes, rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis scored 10 points, 13 rebounds, and three massive blocks to build on his Portland breakout.

After a slow start and Green’s suspension, the Warriors needed this win. This weekend’s wins over the Nets and Trail Blazers weren’t convincing, but Tuesday’s performance felt like a momentum-changer. It proved that Golden State can beat any team at any time with Steph Curry on the floor.

Steve Kerr said that it feels like this might be the one we need. Tuesday’s victory will go down in history as well, he added. Maybe this is the game that’ll get us on track a little, and maybe we can coast from here.

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